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To link your blog and Google Analytics to your Reachbird account, just follow these 8 steps. 

  1. Click "Connect Blog" to link your blog.

2. After that you need to enter your blog URL. Once you have done this, click "Next".

3. By clicking "Next" this view will open. Here you will receive an individual hashtag from us, which you integrate into your most recent blog post. It doesn't matter whether you integrate the hashtag in the title or in the text. "Jump to your latest post" automatically takes you to your most recent post. 

4. As soon as you have integrated the hashtag there, you can click on "Verify". Once verification is complete, you can remove the hashtag from your blog post.

5. After the successful verification of your blog, you can deposit your price for a blog post with us. This price serves our customers and us as a guideline for a cooperation request to you. 

6. It is also important that you link the Google Analytics of your blog to your Reachbird account. In this way we can evaluate the success of blog posts that have been created within the scope of one of your cooperations for the customer. Click on "Connect Analytics" to go on with the process.

7. Then you arrive at this view. Click here again on "Connect Analytics". 

8. You will then need to log in with your Google account. Make sure that you select the account that's also linked to your blog. Once this is done, your Reachbird account will display your blog with Google Analytics. 

Great, that's it! Now our customers and we can ask you for cooperation with you and your blog. 

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