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In this article we would like to explain to you the new structure and functions of our chat. 

New Campaign Overview

Under "Confirmation" you get an overview of your campaign. In the new version we clustert the actions per influencer. Which will make it easier for you to manage your campaign and to communicate with your influencers. 

In the overview you'll always see below the influencer name if you need to take further actions. Just click the arrow on the right and the chat will drop down.

Click on one of the down pointed arrows to get an overview of the influencers actions and to send messages in the chat. 

Now that you've opened your chat, you see the menu on the left side. Here you will find all the usual information about the campaign at a glance divided into the following sections:

  • General Chat: This is the main chat for the campaign with the specific Influencer.

  • Campaign Information: Here you'll find the campaign briefing, mentions and hashtags which you have previously deposited in the campaign.

  • Actions: This is a list of all the actions (Posts, videos, payments etc.) sorted by their status (pending, active, finished).

The Chat

The general chat is where you can write all the information to the influencer. Just type in your message and press "send". 

As you can see in the video, it's now possible to tag your message. If you want to write a comment or question about a specific action for example "Instagram Post 1", just click on the "@" next to "send" and click on the needed tag.
More than one tags can be selected per message. Messages that you tag in the general chat automatically end up in the chat of the respective action. Influencers on the other hand also have the option to respond to the action. So both sides know what action is being discussed.

If you write a message in the chat of an action it will automatically get the respective tag. The influencer will be notified about your message via e-mail. 

If you need more space for the chat you can fold in and out the sidebar.

The invite, draft and post approval stayed the same. You can click into the specific action and see the status of the actions and do your next steps. 

If you have any questions about the new chat, please feel free to contact social@reachbird.io at any time.

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