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Recently, our customers, i.e. your cooperation partners, have the opportunity to rate your performance after the campaign. There are two different types of evaluation: "Content quality & performance" and "Reliability & professionalism"

The rating of your "content quality" is mainly about whether you have followed the briefing when creating the content and whether you have created high-quality pictures/videos. Also the texts, such as your caption, are taken into account. 

Depending on the campaign process, these points are taken into account for the "Performance":

  • Reliability: adherence to the timing and responsiveness 

  • Engagement rate: Based on the engagement rate, we can evaluate whether your followers found the cooperation interesting and how you interact within your community

  • Link Clicks: If you get a link within the campaign, it is important that your followers see it. 

  • Purchases, downloads, etc. of your followers: In some campaigns, there are key figures that should be reached for the purchase of a product or the download of an app.

The second evaluation refers to your reliability and how professionally you have done your job.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your rating and get detailed feedback from our project managers. 

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