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TikTok Pro account

To link your TikTok account with Reachbird, you must have a free Pro account on TikTok.

If you have not yet converted your TikTok account to a pro account, here is a short guide to do so:

1. Go to "Manage My Account" in your TikTok account and select "Switch to Pro Account

2. This view appears. Now click on "continue" to convert your account to a pro account.

3. In the next step choose now one of the categories that suits you best.

4. And now you got a pro account.

Now you can link this pro account in your Reachbird account to get requests for exciting TikTok campaigns in the future. All you have to do is follow these XY steps:

1. log in to your Reachbird account and click on "Social Accounts" in the menu on the left.

2. there you will find a tile with the TikTok logo Now click on "Connect TikTok".

3. Next step is to type in your TikTok username and then click on "Next".

4. Now copy the hashtag below into your TikTok account biography. Then you have to click on "Verify". Once your account has been successfully linked, you can remove the hashtag directly.

5. Enter your price for a video on TikTok in the next step and your account is successfully linked.

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