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Podcasts are currently becoming more and more relevant as an advertising platform. To enable data-based planning and evaluation of campaigns via podcasts, it has recently become possible to find registered podcasters in Reachbird's search and invite them to campaigns.

How is campaign planning and collaboration with podcasters different from influencer campaigns on Reachbird?

Our goal was to make the classic campaign planning via our tool RTECH and the podcast booking process as similar as possible. Processes such as search, selection, and communication via the campaign chat could be adopted due to their similar structure.

The differences are in:

  • Placements & Formats: For podcasts, the advertising placements Pre-Roll, Mid-Intro, Mid-Mid, Mid-Outro, and Post-Roll can be booked. In addition, a distinction is made between the formats Host Read, Presenter Read, Sponsoring, Native AD, and Radio Spot.

  • Calendar: Advertising placements are booked via a calendar. This ensures that the desired placement is available. Calendar independent requests can be made via Custom Action.

  • Voice Draft: The draft is submitted by the podcaster as an audio or text file, unlike the other platforms.

  • Reporting / KPIs: Reporting on podcast ads can only be delivered after the agreed end of the campaign.

If you have any further questions about our Zebra.bird feature, please do not hesitate to contact us at social@reachbird.io.

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