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What is Reachbird?
What is Reachbird?

Tech-Driven. AI-powered technology. Full-service agency. Service-oriented. Professional.

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Reachbird is a tech-driven influencer marketing agency that combines technology with expertise to provide brands, agencies and influencers with an environment of straightforward, transparent, creative, data-driven and standardized collaboration.

Using RTECH, an influencer marketing technology developed in-house, companies and agencies can identify and select influencers based on data that fit their respective brands and campaigns. The AI-powered technology also controls all delivery and management of campaigns and enables detailed influencer analytics and automated campaign reporting.

Beyond the innovative all-in-one technology, Reachbird offers brands and agencies comprehensive services such as strategic consulting, conception, full-service campaigns as well as payment & legal in the area of influencer marketing. You can find out more here.

Furthermore, we support influencers with valuable insights to improve their social media activities, professionalize their work and create a professional revenue stream.

For further questions, please feel free to contact us at

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