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How do I make a counteroffer in a campaign?
How do I make a counteroffer in a campaign?
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When you receive a campaign invitation, you will see the corresponding details under the "Your Campaigns" tab, as well as the actions that the customer has requested from you.

For each campaign, you will also see how much the customer wants to pay you for it. Do you want to participate in the campaign, but you have a different price for your services?

No problem. For this purpose there is the option "Offer", with which you can make a counter offer for the selected action.

After you have clicked on "Offer", a separate window opens in which you enter your desired price and add a message to the customer/project manager.

After you have made your counteroffer, you have to wait and see whether the customer accepts it or makes another counteroffer. The campaign chat thus also serves as a negotiation tool until the parties agree and the action is accepted at a price.

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