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How is the performance of an influencer evaluated after a campaign?
How is the performance of an influencer evaluated after a campaign?
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Our customers, i.e. your cooperation partners, have the opportunity to evaluate your performance after the campaign. We distinguish between two areas: "Content quality & performance" and "Reliability & professionalism". Below we explain to you what is specifically evaluated under each area.

Content quality & performance

When evaluating the content quality, the main focus is on whether you have adhered to the briefing when creating the content and whether you have also created high-quality images/videos. In addition, the texts such as your caption are also taken into account.

The following points are taken into account for "performance", depending on the campaign process:

  • Reliability: adherence to timings and responsiveness

  • Engagement rate: The engagement rate can be used to evaluate whether your followers found the cooperation interesting and how good the community interaction is.

  • Link clicks: If you are provided with a link within the campaign, it is important that it is also seen and clicked by your followers.

  • Purchases, downloads, etc.: In some campaigns, for example, there are key figures to be achieved for the purchase of a product or the download of an app.

Reliability & professionalism

The second rating refers to your reliability and how professionally you did your job.

Feel free to contact us at social@reachbird to discuss your rating and get detailed feedback from our project managers.

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