What are personalized briefing documents?

To make the collaboration with influencers as successful as possible, the briefing should address the influencers personally. Therefore, in addition to a general briefing, individual briefings can be uploaded for individual influencers, in which the specific content, posts and characteristics of the required service can be addressed.

This not only builds a more familiar relationship, but also allows each influencer to be given very specific individual assignments.

Here are some tips for the briefing creation: How to write a killer influencer Brief in 5 steps.

The individualized briefings can be uploaded as follows:

How do I upload individualized briefings?

By selecting the Upload personalized briefing documents checkbox, a list of selected influencers will open.

Now you can click on the field Upload personalized briefing documents, to the right of the respective influencer name. By selecting the specific file, it can be uploaded from the desktop. The briefing can then be viewed exclusively by the respective influencer.

Influencer Tracking Links

A tracking link grants specific documentation of traffic to the website. The link contains certain identification parameters, which make it possible to clearly track the path of the visitor.

The purpose of this is to accurately measure the effectiveness of specific campaign actions and the performance of individual influencers. This data can be useful for measuring the success of the campaign and future collaborations.

Adding a link to the platform has the advantage that influencers can copy the links without errors with just one click.

How do I create tracking links?

Links with which traffic can be tracked can be generated via tracking URL generator websites. Here, certain parameters can be defined, which enable a structured analysis (e.g. source, medium, term, content).

After creation, the links can also be shortened for reasons of clarity.

Once the link is ready, it can be inserted into the tool as follows:

How do I add a tracking link?

First, the checkbox Assign tracking links must be selected. This opens an overview of the influencers who are participating in the campaign. For each influencer, the created link can now be inserted in the field to the right of their name. The influencers can copy this with just one click and use it for their content pieces. This makes it possible to see how many users have followed certain links and the performance of the content can be measured in detail.

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