Tracking Links
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What are tracking links?

A tracking link grants a detailed documentation of the traffic on a website. The link contains certain identification parameters, which allow to uniquely track the visitor's path.

The purpose of this is to accurately measure the effectiveness of certain actions and the performance of individual influencers.

If you are booked for a campaign, a personalized tracking link can be added for you by the company. Use this link for sticker taps or other linking in your content pieces.

Note: If a tracking link has been added to the campaign by the company, you should only use this specific link in your content!

Where can I find my tracking link?

First select the relevant campaign in the field Your campaigns. By clicking on Campaign information, a view will open where you can find all relevant information about the campaign. Your personal tracking link will be displayed there. Next to the link is the Copy button. With just one click you can copy the link without errors and use it for your content.

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