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Reachdesk has a selection of integrations, allowing you to seamlessly integrate your direct mail and gifting campaigns with your existing tech stack in one click of a button. 

Each Reachdesk user would integrate their Reachdesk account with their CRM or Sales Engagement account. This is done by selecting the supplier you need to integrate within the Reachdesk Integrations sections and clicking the blue button below the chosen technology. A user will be redirected to the chosen technology supplier's authorization page where permission can be approved by that individual. Each integration partner will have a variation of the approval notification request to allow Reachdesk access to that specific account. 

Once the integration is complete, individual users can pull contact data from their CRM or Sales Engagement platform in real-time so that sends can be made in a matter of seconds. It also allows data to be fed back into each system so that activity from Reachdesk can be logged instantly. 

Click on Settings, Integrations on the left-hand side of the screen. Then hit Link Account beneath the relevant accounts. You’ll be redirected to Salesforce, Hubspot, Marketo, Outreach, or Salesloft for verification.

Then you’re ready to go! 

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