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First off click New Campaign. You can then select one of four options:

  1. Bundle

  2. Gift Card and Reward Pass

  3. Handwritten Note

  4. Marketplace

The Bundle.

  1. Enter campaign name e.g. On-Boarding Bundle.

  2. Select warehouse. If UK based use Peterborough. If based in the USA use Rockwall (Texas).

  3. Add a campaign image e.g. if for a pre demo coffee then upload a Starbucks icon or coffee cup.

  4. Use the drop down to select what items you would like in the box. Note you would need to have stocked your inventory first to do this. 

  5. Note: As a minimum you'll need tissue paper (recommended size 500 x 700mm), postal boxes (recommended size 240 x 240 x 80mm), and branded tape. Every client has access to physical Starbucks gift cards, red tissue paper and white postal boxes. These will automatically be in your inventory.

Make sure you always add a handwritten note to increase response rate.

  1. Upload your company logo.

  2. Modify border of note, font (we personally love Arthur but have a play around) and font size.

  3. Add in modifiable fields by pressing { this will bring up a list of options including Recipients Account Name, Recipient's Name, Sender's Name ect.

Then click save! This will then appear in your Campaigns tab. 

The Gift Card and Reward Pass.

Enter campaign name and icon and decide gift card settings including currency min, max and default.

The gift cards are sent as an email so make sure you add in a template including subject line and body. Remember you can add modifiable fields by pressing {.

Once you’re ready click save!

The Handwritten Note. 

Name your handwritten campaign e.g. Event Invite. Select template, add logo, press save when you’re done and it will appear in your campaigns!

The Marketplace.

Reachdesk marketplace allows you to choose from a range of confectionary, flowers, cakes and other perishables from approved third party providers so you can send gifts on a 1-to-1 basis as an out-of-the- box feature. All items can be customised to give that personal touch. Perfect for those moments when you want to stand out and delight prospects or reward existing customers. 

  1. Make sure you’re selecting products from either the UK confectionery/gifts or the USA confectionery/gifts.

  2. Note: Allow sender to choose different value, if ticked, means that users in your team can change the frosting flavour and/or the personalised note. If you don’t want them to have this ability then just untick. 

Once you've completed your marketplace campaign, click save!

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