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Now you’ve learnt how to build campaigns, let's see how to trigger them depending on activities in your integrations.

Go to Triggered Campaign > Create Triggered Campaign. Then under Campaign Trigger, select Connector (Hubspot, Salesforce).

Before you get started please note

We check for new triggered engages at minutes 3 and 33, and then we create the engage at minutes 18 and 48. For example with real numbers:
- If contact matches trigger rule at 10:03, engage will be created after 10:18
- If contact matches trigger rule at 10:33, the engage will be created after 10:48

The only exception is when creating a new triggered campaign with the send to current matches enabled, those we check at the time the campaign is created, and the engage will be created at the next sends time, example:
- Created campaign at 10:16, all current matching contacts will have the engages created a little after 10:18


  1. Select Hubspot as your connector. A POST Webhook will be created.

  2. Copy and paste the Webhook and go to Hubspot > Workflows > Create new workflow.

  3. Set enrollment trigger e.g. Activity > Task Title > Contains "Send Coffee" > Save.

  4. Add an Action > Trigger Webhook > Paste in Webhook > Save.

  5. Turn on Workflow. 

  6. Now whenever a contact has a Task created titled "Send Coffee", the Webhook will be triggered in Reachdesk.

  7. The triggered send will now appear in your RD Sends tab for you to Review, Approve or Reject. 

  8. You'll also now see under the activity section of the contact you sent to a record of the send. 

Here's a short video (less than 2 mins I promise!) to walking through the above. 

NOTE: If you know how to build a campaign, skip to 48 seconds in the video below (you're welcome).


Select Salesforce as your connector and choose Object. This will depend on what you have in your own Salesforce. In this example we are setting up a triggered campaign for deals that have entered "Closed Won" with a deal size greater than "£15000".

  1. Under Field, select Stage. Other options are Opportunity ID, Opportunity Type, Probability, and Close Date.

  2. Under Comparator, enter Equals. Other options greater than, less than, exists, does not exist.

  3. Under Value, enter the name of the stage.

  4. Press AND + to add another field

  5. This one will be Amount, Greater Than, £15000.

This campaign will now be triggered for deals that have entered "Closed Won" with a deal size greater than "£15000". Note that we will only send to the primary contact within that opportunity.

The triggered sends will appear in your RD Sends tab for you to Review, Approve or Reject.

Salesforce Bulk Send

If you want create a bulk send then toggle the "Send engage to anyone that already match criteria above". 

Create a campaign with all contacts you are wanting to send to in. 

  1. Under Object, select Campaign Member. 

  2. Under Field, Select Campaign ID. 

  3. Comparator is Equals. 

  4. Under Value, copy and paste the Campaign ID from the URL of the campaign in Salesforce.

Toggle the "Send engage to anyone..." button to send to all campaign members.

This will then send to all members of that SF campaign. 

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