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Sending in Reachdesk

  1. Pick campaign

  2. Select CRM

  3. Start typing name of Recipient, select from drop down

  4. All fields will be auto populated from your CRM data. If it's not auto populating, this will be due to empty fields in your database

  5. Edit note or email

  6. Check details

  7. Hit submitΒ 

Sending through Chrome Extension

As long as you've integrated your Reachdesk account with your CRM, you can send using the Chrome Extension.

  1. When in your CRM and on the contacts page you want to send to, hit the Reachdesk Chrome Extension

  2. Pick campaign

  3. The contact's details will auto populate from their CRM data

  4. Edit note or email

  5. Check details

  6. Hit submit

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