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Integrating with Salesforce takes a couple of clicks. Head into your Reachdesk account > integrations > Connect Salesforce, or hit 'Advanced Options' if connecting to a sandbox instance. This will take you through to Salesforce > login to your chosen account > allow Reachdesk permissions, then the connection will be made and you'll be redirected back to Reachdesk.

A note for admins: If you don't already have campaign type set up for direct mail and e-gifting, we'd recommend setting up a new type for both. One for physical gifts and one for e-gifts. This is because the statuses differ for these two types of sends, so will require different statuses to be added in your setup (as per this doc).

1-to-1 sends in Salesforce CRM

Individual 1-to-1 sends to prospects or customers can either be made from inside the Reachdesk platform or using the Reachdesk Browser Extension.

Data such as First Name, Last Name, Account Name, Email, Address, Sender First Name and Sender Last Name is pulled from Salesforce and inserted into Reachdesk. 

Reachdesk activity will be automatically tracked against the Contact, Lead, Account and/or Opportunity in Salesforce for reporting and tracking purposes.

Note that we will only write to tasks when:

  • Triggering campaigns via Salesforce

  • The plugin is used inside Salesforce

  • You populate a recipient to send to via Salesforce within the Reachdesk platform.

If you send a campaign which is synced to Salesforce, but you do not send in the three ways mentioned above, i.e you send a gift without populating the recipient from a CRM, we will not create a task.

Track individual sends in Salesforce Campaigns

1-to-1 sends are tracked back in to Salesforce Campaigns. A prospect or customer can be added in to the Salesforce Campaign or have an existing Campaign Member status updated in real-time based on the Reachdesk interaction.

To avoid having to update the member status in Salesforce Campaigns, Reachdesk
can automatically update member status. 

To set up, on a campaign in Reachdesk click Sync with Salesforce > select Salesforce Campaign > Setup Member Status Mapping. This also works with e-gift cards when they are sent, opened, clicked and claimed.

Triggered Campaigns

Reachdesk allows Reachdesk Admins to send using triggers from your existing CRM setup.

Common triggers include:

  1. Closed Won to send new customer onboarding gifts

  2. Lead Score increase to trigger direct mailers

  3. Event/Webinar attended to send eGift cards after events

  4. Enrolment in Salesforce Campaigns to execute large volume campaign sends

  5. Renewal

To learn how to set up triggered campaigns and bulk sends in Salesforce, take a look at our Triggered and Bulk Campaigns and scroll to Salesforce.


Reachdesk allows companies to measure the effect of direct mail and gifting campaigns by tracking various metrics within their Salesforce CRM.

Fulfilment tracking

The following can be tracked at contact, lead, account and opportunity level:

  1. Item sent

  2. Item dispatched

  3. Item delivered

  4. eGift sent, opened, clicked and claimed

ROI measurement

It is essential for sales and marketing professionals to measure the ROI from direct mail and gifting campaigns. Reachdesk can be configured with dashboards and reports within Salesforce allowing you to measure uplift and influence.

The following metrics are most commonly measured by our customers as having been influenced by Reachdesk:

  1. Opportunity RevenueOpportunities/Accounts

  2. Number of Meetings

  3. Closed Won Opportunities/RevenueTotal Opportunities

  4. Influence by rep

To sum up

Our Salesforce integration allows you to do the following:

1. Auto-populate contact data and personalization fields in Reachdesk to reduce manual data entry and use Salesforce contact information

2. Auto-log Reachdesk activity in Salesforce as completed tasks at Contact, Lead, Account and/or Opportunity level

3. Create customer lifecycle communications and automated touchpoints (Admins only)using Reachdesk segmentation to automate and personalize direct mail and eGift sends based on Salesforce stages and data updates

4. Send large mailer campaigns using Salesforce Campaigns

5. Track and measure ROI within Salesforce Campaigns

6. Track sends and Reachdesk activity against Contacts, Leads and Accounts in SFDC7. Sign in to Reachdesk using Salesforce logins

System Architecture

Reachdesk queries a contact’s data on the fly when a user searches for a contact on the Reachdesk frontend/extension. This data is passed 2 ways via Reachdesk's bi-directional integration with your Salesforce CRM.

1. "Data in" to Reachdesk from your existing platform e.g. contact data

2. "Data out" to the same platform e.g. activity log data, delivery status, campaign data

When a physical mail or eGift is sent to a contact, a reference (ID) and information on the contact are stored in our database so it can be shown in the activity log within Reachdesk. This activity can be tracked back into your Salesforce CRM so that sends can be logged and reported on.

Reachdesk has an external integration with Salesforce, allowing you to seamlessly integrate your direct mail and gifting campaigns with your existing tech stack in one click of a button. Operating within the Salesforce platform is not required to operate Reachdesk as this can be performed within the Reachdesk Browser Extension or within the Reachdesk Platform.

Each Reachdesk user would integrate their Reachdesk account with their Salesforce CRM. This is done by going to Settings > Integrations > "Link Salesforce Account". A user will be redirected to Salesforce's authorisation page where permission can be approved by that individual.

Once integration is complete, individual users can pull contact data from their CRM in real-time so that sends can be made in a matter of seconds. It also allows data to be fed back into each system so that activity from Reachdesk can be logged instantly.

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