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Integrating Reachdesk with Outreach can be done in 2 clicks of a button.
Head to Settings > Integrations > Link with Outreach. Our integration allows data, such as Prospect data and Address Data, to be pulled from Outreach in real-time and dynamically inserted into each individual communication for a seamless experience.

There are two main ways that you can utilise Reachdesk in your Outreach efforts. Watch this short video to find out how, or continue reading below.

Adding Reachdesk into a Sequence

Adding Reachdesk into Sequences allows you to strategically place direct mail and gifting into Sequences as a Step. 

To add Reachdesk to a Outreach sequences :

  1. Head to Sequences in Outreach

  2. Either create a new sequence or click in to an existing one. TIP create a new cadance so you can compare one with DM and one without. 

  3. Hit Add Step and create "General Task". Enter what day you'd like it on.

  4. Add Task Note e.g. Send Coffee Card and Save.

When a Reachdesk action pops up within your Tasks, click Start Tasks, then hit the Reachdesk Chrome Extension and select a campaign. The fields will auto populate from the contacts Outreach page. 

Personalise Your Sends

Reachdesk's integration with Outreach allows reps to dynamically personalize their message, send gifts, track sends, automate tasks and follow up without having to lift a finger. 

The message sent with each engage can be hyper-personalized in real-time so your reps can send contextually relevant messages with ease. Your reps will have the opportunity to edit the message at Step 3 of an enage.

Tracking and Delivery Alerts

Reps and Managers can view all Reachdesk activity in Outreach which can in turn be passed back to your CRM of choice so you can measure ROI.

Any send activity will be tracked in Outreach automatically as part of the Reachdesk integration. Under a contact, go to Activity. 

Reachdesk sends will be logged as a task. The note will read [Reachdesk] sent, [Reachdesk] shipped, [Reachdesk] delivered.

This allows reps to know when to follow up.

Reachdesk sends individual delivery alerts via email when items are dispatched and delivered so reps can follow up in real-time once items arrive. This can also be tracked in the Reachdesk platform's live "Send" feed.

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