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Step 1: Create API role and API user

Create an API user role if you do not already have one, and create a new Reachdesk API user:

Step 2: Create a new custom service in Launchpoint

Step 3: Connecting Marketo and Reachdesk

Step 4: Creating a custom field to house Reachdesk (unique) campaign UUID

Step 5: Set up Reachdesk Program Channel tags for triggers, filters and success reporting

If you don't already have channel tags for direct mail and online gifting, it's a good idea to set them up so that you can map your Reachdesk Campaign Statuses back to your Marketo program statuses when an interaction happens.

For e-gift cards we use:





For physical sends we use:






Step 6: Creating a webhook to call your Reachdesk campaign

This is the trickiest bit for the less technical amongst us. Head to your admin area > integrations > Webhooks.
Create a new webhook and copy the information below:
Webhook Name: Reachdesk Webhook
Template: *copy and paste in below*

  "campaignUUID": {{lead.Reachdesk Campaign UUID}},
  "id": {{lead.Id}},
  "firstName": {{lead.First Name}},
  "lastName": {{lead.Last Name}},
  "fullName": {{lead.Full Name}},
  "email": {{lead.Email Address}},
  "address": {{lead.Address}},
  "city": {{lead.City}},
  "state": {{lead.State}},
  "postalCode": {{lead.Postal Code}},
  "country": {{lead.Country}},
  "company": {{company.Company Name}}

Request Token Encoding: JSON
Response type: JSON
Click Create (it should look like the below).

Now right click your newly created Reachdesk Webhook on the right-hand side.
Select Webhook Actions > Set Customer Header > Add
Copy the values below and as per the screenshot:
Header: Content-Type
Value: application/json

Mapping to other address fields in the webhook

For this step you have just mapped the address fields in Marketo to Reachdesk. This is the address found on the Info tab of the lead, rather than the address detail on Company Info tab. If you wish to use the Company Info address, please copy paste this instead:

  "campaignUUID": {{lead.Reachdesk Campaign UUID}},
  "id": {{lead.Id}},
  "firstName": {{lead.First Name}},
  "lastName": {{lead.Last Name}},
  "fullName": {{lead.Full Name}},
  "email": {{lead.Email Address}},
  "address": {{company.Billing Address}},
  "city": {{company.Billing City}},
  "state": {{company.Billing State}},
  "postalCode": {{company.Billing Postal Code}},
  "country": {{company.Billing Country}},
  "company": {{company.Company Name}}

Advanced users can use this to map any fields they want to Reachdesk.

Congratulations! You are now ready to start setting up triggered Marketo Reachdesk campaigns - Here's an article to show you how to do this.

Additional Notes

  • Once the above has been done once, to connect additional Marketo users to Reachdesk, read our help article here.

  • A user must be an admin to be able to send triggered campaigns.

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