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Step 2: Test, Test, Test!

Add a test record and test your triggers. 

Note: you should test using a different email to the Marketo connector email and use incognito mode when opening or clicking through that test email. Otherwise, Reachdesk will detect that you're the same user as the one that sent the coffee, and your activity won't be tracked. We do this to try and remove false positives.

If everything is working properly, Reachdesk will push the activity to the person in Marketo, changing the program statuses based on actions carried out by the person. (We are working on the aesthetics of these status change details, replacing the &rArr with an arrow, coming soon). 

Additional Important Notes

*You must be an admin to send triggered campaigns.

  1. Sender details: If you are sending e-gift cards via Reachdesk (not via your Marketo emails - more here), the email will be from the connector user that you use, which might not always be what you want to happen. Lots of clients choose to create a generic connector for these sends, like 'Team Reachdesk' and You can of course create a connector per person, per campaign, too.

  2. Sending large volumes: Reachdesk has no rate limits and can process large volumes of sends, however Marketo has a strict timeout in which it wants a send processed by. Reachdesk can't always meet this time limit as we process sends 1 by 1 (albeit still very quickly). This does not effect a send being processed, but you may see some errors like this in Marketo:

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