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The power of Marketing Automation has been transforming how we talk to and engage with our prospects and customers over the last decade; but building out a complementary tech stack has allowed many to venture even further into achieving greatness. We're proud to have a client base who are constantly pushing those boundaries and making Reachdesk work hard as part of their stack. 

Because of the vast opportunity Marketo alone presents, it can often be hard to find a place to start, when combining the power of Marketo's automation and Reachdesk's hyper-personalisation. We've listened and have noted down some use cases to get you started:

1. Timely event follow up that stands out from the crowd

Be relevant, be helpful, standout: send event attendees that you’ve recently met a hyper-personalised, memorable follow up which is sure to stand out from your competitors.

Save time: cut out the need for manual intervention with Marketo triggers on Reachdesk status changes.

2. Insert Reachdesk into your ABM initiatives

Stay personal and save time: Hyper-personalise on mass using Marketo triggers to initiate Reachdesk campaigns exclusive to people in your Named Accounts.

Move target accounts down the funnel: Encourage desired actions from your target accounts with timely triggered Reachdesk campaigns which cut through the noise.

3. Valuable content download – automated, personalised follow ups 

Give before you ask: send an incentive to encourage next steps and build positive relationships.

Utilise automation: listen to Reachdesk campaign reactions in Marketo to respond in the best way.

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