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CSV uploads are just as easy as 121 sends.

First of, head to your Campaigns tab and build your campaign. Or you can use a pre existing campaign.Β 

Once you've built your campaign, head to Send Engage and select that campaign you want to send in bulk. On the right hand side, click Send in Bulk

Important: you must use the exact format that is in the downloadable template. If you haven't used this, I suggest hitting "Download the template" now and putting contact details in to this sheet.

NOTE: Currently you can import up to 300 contacts at a time with a CSV file

Upload your CSV. A list of all contacts will appear (we have blurred out personal address data in the example). If you see any errors, hit Edit next to the name. Hit Add Contact if you need to add an extra name or address.

Β When you're ready click next at the bottom.

Important: for eGift card sends, you only need First and Last Name, Email and Company Name filled.

As with a 121 send, you can edit the note. Make sure you have inserted the modifiable field of First name by hitting { in the note body and selecting Recipient's First Name.

On the final page you can check you're about to send to all the relevant people by using the drop down. Then Submit!


Will you push any data back to Salesforce?

We only push data back to Salesforce if...

  • Your Reachdesk campaign is syncing with Salesforce

  • The contact has email in the CSV

  • The email in the CSV matches the email in salesforce

We do not push address data back to Salesforce. This is important if you're sending to home addresses. We only push activity e.g. under the contact's or lead's name activity log you'll see [Reachdesk] sent or shipped or delivered cupcakes.

Does the address confirmation feature still work?

It sure does. If you have set up Address Confirmation during campaign set up, when you hit submit on a CSV upload, all recipients will receive an email asking them to confirm their address.

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