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Now you've learnt how to build campaigns, it's time to map out which campaigns you want to build! Gift cards are a great start. With no sourcing needed, cost effective (as you get your money back in 14 days if unclaimed) and instantaneous, they're the perfect starting point.

Head to the Campaigns or Triggered Campaigns tab and hit New Campaign then Gift Card.

Title your campaign and select the right currency.

Important to note: gift cards must be built in the currency of the country you're sending to e.g. Uber Eats GBP only works in the UK not in Germany or Norway etc. 

Enter the minimum, maximum and select your brands. You can also decide to include a template by toggling the switch.

The below set up would mean that the recipient would be able to pick either Caffè Nero or Costa.

When sending, you would be able to pick an amount to send between £5 and £20, the default amount of credit would be £5 as it's the minimum.

You can then build an email template to go with the gift card. To bring up modifiable fields like Recipient's First Name or Recipient's Account Name, hit {. 

To hyperlink to a blog or item or to add a banner image or logo, use the specific buttons.

Template Starter Pack

Gift cards: Amazon and For Good Causes
Availability: Amazon (UK, USA, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Spain and Italy), For Good Causes (UK)
Example use case: Reward for reviews, personalised prospecting

Gift Cards: Spotify, Netflix, Playstation
Availability: Netflix (Australia), Playstation Store (USA, Australia, Canada), Spotify (Australia, Italy, Spain)
Use Cases: Client gifting, post demo follow up

Gift Cards: Media Markt, Rewe
Availability: Media Markt (Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Netherlands), Rewe (Germany,
Use Cases: Door opener

Gift Cards: Just Eat, Uber Eats
Availability: Just Eat (UK), Uber Eats (UK, USA)
Use Cases: Webinar invite, pre demo, door opener


Q: Can I edit a gift card after I've sent it?
A: Unfortunately not. Like an email, once it's sent, it's sent. However, if you've sent to the wrong email, as they won't claim it, you'll get the money back in 14 days.

Q: Can I chose how long the gift card balance stays in Unclaimed Balance before I get the money back?
A: Absolutely. The default is 14 days, but if you want to make it shorter or longer, let us know and we can change for your organization. 

Q: I'm doing a webinar and sending to people across multiple territories. Can I just use one gift card campaign?
A: You would need to create a gift card campaign for each territory e.g. Rewe gift card for Germany, Target for Australia, Uber Eats for the UK etc. 

Q: Can the gift cards come from my email not
A: Yes, you can. An admin should set up the the ability to send emails from a custom domain. Please follow this guide.

Q: Do AUD gift cards work in New Zealand?
A: Afraid not. Only in Australia.

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