Connecting Hubspot with Reachdesk takes one simple click. Once in the Reachdesk platform, navigate to Settings > Integrations > Hubspot. Hit 'Link Hubspot Account', you'll be taken through to Hubspot to login and then back to Reachdesk, where the connection will now have been made.

Using Reachdesk in Hubspot

There are two main ways that you can use Reachdesk in Hubspot. The video below demonstrates both methods, they are:

  1. Using the Hubspot Plugin: simply find a contact that you want to send your Reachdesk campaign to, hit the Reachdesk plugin in your extensions (top right hand corner of your browser), and follow the prompts to send your campaign.
  2. Using as part of a workflow: you can send a Reachdesk campaign based off of any trigger in Hubspot. Simply select your enrolment criteria, choose 'Trigger Webhook', grab the webhook generated within your Reachdesk campaign (under Campaign Trigger - connector needs to be Hubspot), paste it in, and activate.

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