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Reachdesk has a new feature where you can send an e-gift without sending through

Before sending the engage, create a new e-gift card campaign or use an existing one. Then click "Send Engage" and enter the recipient's information.

When you hit "Next" you'll be given the option to "Generate gift card link without sending email". Tick this box and hit "Next".

Reviewed details of send and then click "Submit."

Click on "Copy Link" and place the link to the desired e-setting for the recipient to receive and claim. For instance, the link has been placed in an email where "Claim Gift Here!" is hyperlinked.

When the recipient clicks on the link, it will open to another window where they can claim the gift card.

Even when gift cards are generated as links, Reachdesk will track status as well as documenting the link if once again needed.

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