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Whilst we work on building out our integration with Pardot, there is a really simple work around that can be used to trigger a Reachdesk campaign, using Pardot's Engagement Studio and Automation Rules.

Note: This will rely on your Pardot and Salesforce campaigns being connected.

Using 'Add to Salesforce/CRM Campaign'

1. In Engagement Studio, select the trigger you'd like to use to identify leads/contacts in which you'd like to send your Reachdesk campaign. Once you are happy with that criteria, select the action of 'Add to Salesforce Campaign', don't add anything in here yet.

2. In another tab, open Salesforce and create the campaign you'd like to sync with and trigger your Reachdesk campaign. Make sure you have your statuses set to match the Reachdesk campaign type (physical or gift card), but add an additional status at the top, like 'Member':

3. Head into Reachdesk, and create your Triggered Campaign. Sync with the campaign you just created:

4. For your trigger, let's go ahead and select the Campaign ID of the campaign you just created (pull down from the URL), and pick the top status you created above, e.g. 'Member' in this example.

Head back into Engagement Studio, under your 'Add to Salesforce Campaign' options, select your campaign, and for 'with status', you'll want to pick that top status, 'Member':

Make sure your Reachdesk campaign is not paused, then you'll be good to go! Once the Engagement Studio Program is turned on, people will be added to the Salesforce campaign as members, which will then trigger the Reachdesk campaign. You can then report on campaign success in Salesforce.

If you wanted to set this up via Automation Rules, it would follow a similar flow. Pick your matching rules, then select 'Add to CRM Campaign', 'with status':

Please let us know if you have any questions on this.

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