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This question has surfaced itself a few times, and the answer is usually dictated by your unique setup. If you are using a CRM (like Salesforce) alongside a marketing automation or sequencing/sales engagement platform, you are presented with lots of opportunity to utilise Reachdesk. We've documented some guidelines below to help you make the best choice, but we will caveat this with, 'whatever works best for you will work!'.

Some considerations below:

  • Who are you targeting? And does where does their data reside? Lots of clients only push leads over to a CRM once they're qualified, so your data flow should be considered when working this through.

  • Where are you reporting? Would you like to report on the measures that matter in the same place as your overall Sales/Marketing efforts? This could dictate which integration it makes sense to use.

  • What will land someone into this campaign? I.E. What is your trigger if it's not a 1-2-1 campaign? If it's a form fill, or any sort of interaction on your website, your Marketing platform seems logical. If it's a change in opportunity stage, sounds like your CRM might be best.

  • What are the other steps in the overall campaign? Is the Reachdesk campaign part of a wider ABM or campaign initiative? This might help dictate where to house all of the campaign components, based on how you want the data to flow and subsequently, report on it.

A Note of Types of Send

1-2-1 sends

Salesforce, HubSpot, SalesLoft, Outreach, Microsoft Dynamics all support 1-2-1 sends. If you are syncing those campaigns back down from Salesforce to your Marketo program for example, you should expect to see that person as a member in your Marketo program, too. Typically we see these 1-2-1 sends used more in the sales engagement piece where we are looking to hyper-personalise and really tailor that messaging.

Triggered sends

Marketo, HubSpot and Salesforce support triggered sends. You can send triggered campaigns from Salesforce (out of Reachdesk) based on the lead, contact, campaign and opportunity object, and from Marketo and HubSpot, using any trigger/enrollment criteria available in your instance.

Typically, we're seeing a slight trend towards marketing-led initiatives being sent out of the marketing platforms, particularly when we don't want to sync the campaigns over to our CRM. The Sales and CSM led initiatives are more likely to be sent via the CRM, where the relationship is usually more established between buyers and businesses.

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