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We've created a package of the reports that you might like to use in order to measure the effectiveness of your Reachdesk campaigns. This is specifically for Salesforce users, and though we focus on Reachdesk campaigns, this could be used as a basis to measure the success of any campaigns housed in Salesforce.

Why should I download the package?

  • See which Reachdesk campaigns are working well, directly relating to their influence on opportunities

  • See actual ROI as a monetary value

  • See which campaigns are converting/qualifying the most leads to contacts

  • See which campaigns are resulting in meetings being booked

  • See which AE/BDR is sending the most campaigns

These reports will not only help you work out which Reachdesk campaigns to invest more in and/or replicate, but when it comes to justifying spend on Reachdesk, you'll be able to use them to draw your conclusions.*

For more information on installing the package, take a look at our help document.

*We'd like to caveat this with the fact that a lot of this reporting relies on how you are set up to measure campaign success. If you are using solely primary campaign source (and not a more custom model for tracking attribution), Reachdesk might not always come up trumps! This is because it could rarely be the first campaign touch, but may really help book a meeting, or a close a deal, for example.

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