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How easy is it to integrate?

Our integration is a one-click integration, done on a user by user basis.

Do I need a Salesforce admin to set up the integration?

No, the Salesforce integration is done on a user per user basis and is a one click integration. Depending on your permissions, you may need an admin user to set up campaigns and edit campaign member statuses. Otherwise, it really is easy to integrate.

Do you map to custom fields?

Yes, as long as the fields live within the lead, contact. campaign or opportunity objects, we can use these in our triggered campaigns.

We don't currently support using those custom fields within the e-gift card emails.

Do you map to campaigns?

Yes, we map our Reachdesk campaigns to Salesforce campaigns. When an interaction happens or changes with a Reachdesk campaign, we will update the campaign member status in Salesforce accordingly.

Do I map one Reachdesk campaign to one Salesforce campaign or multiple Reachdesk campaigns to one Salesforce campaign?

You can do both, but how you choose to do this depends on how granular you'd like to report. We'd recommend mapping on a 1-2-1 basis (one Reachdesk campaign to one Salesforce campaign), so you can really see over time, which types of initiatives are working best for you with regard to deliveries/claims, as well as influence on opportunities. Some customers have a high level gift card campaign for example, which they then map all gift card campaigns to, but this wouldn't show you which particular gift card/initiative drove the most influence on opportunities.

What information do you populate in Salesforce?

We do not edit or overwrite any information in your lead, contact and opportunity objects. We use the information to process a Reachdesk campaign. We write to campaigns and campaign member statuses. We also write to tasks on the lead and contact level. More on this here.

Which information does Reachdesk read and write to?

We read from all available fields on the lead, contact, opportunity and campaign objects. We write to campaigns and campaign member statuses. We also write to tasks on the lead and contact level. More on this here.

It doesn't look like tasks are being created in Salesforce upon a send happening in Reachdesk?

We will only write to tasks when:

  • Triggering campaigns via Salesforce

  • The plugin is used inside Salesforce

  • You populate a recipient to send to via Salesforce within the Reachdesk platform.

If you send a campaign which is synced to Salesforce, but you do not send in the three ways mentioned above, i.e you send a gift without populating the recipient from a CRM, we will not create a task.

I have sent a campaign and am getting lots of email notifications, is this normal?

Yes, the connector that is used to send a Reachdesk campaign will also receive email notifications that the campaigns have been sent and delivered (for physical gifts).

Which campaign type do I use in Salesforce?

If you don't already have campaign type set up for direct mail and e-gifting, we'd recommend setting up a new type for both. One for physical gifts and one for e-gifts. This is because the statuses differ for these two types of sends, so will require different statuses to be added in your setup (as per this doc).

People aren't being added to my Salesforce campaign, what's happening?

There are usually a few reasons as to why this could be happening.

  1. Check that you mapped the statuses correctly within Reachdesk:

2. The contact/lead you have sent to must exist in Salesforce. If they don't they won't sync into the campaign in the first place.

If you are still having issues, please reach out to us.

The Reachdesk tasks are coming through as 'call' under Task type. Why is this?

Reachdesk doesn't map to task type, so this will be something happening on the Salesforce side and is to do with the default set up when a task comes in. There is a thread here which talks to this point and explains how to change.

How quickly does the sync between Reachdesk and Salesforce happen after a campaign has been executed?

The sync and subsequent updates to tasks and campaigns is pretty instant, but on some occasions it could take up to 15 minutes.

Can I use information from Pardot to trigger a Reachdesk campaign?

Yes, as long as that information is within the lead, contact, campaign or opportunity objects in Salesforce, we can use it in our triggers in Reachdesk.

Who/what user creates the tasks and updates the campaign statuses in Salesforce?

Salesforce will use the information from the connector used to sync to campaigns from Reachdesk to Salesforce. When writing to tasks, the sender of the Reachdesk gift will write to the task activity (as long as they have the Reachdesk <> Salesforce connection on).

What areas would be integrated in Salesforce? Are there certain fields?

We only pull and process information from your Salesforce. So in terms of what we process, it will only ever be a lead or contact's name and their email/physical address. This is disposed of once it has been used for its intended purpose. For triggered campaigns, we will read something being added/updated in the contact, lead, campaign and opportunity objects.

What triggers push and pull data from Salesforce?

We only pull information from Salesforce, and will not update/overwrite any field information. We simply map Reachdesk campaign activity back to the activity record, and change campaign member statuses. As above, we can trigger off of any fields within those objects: lead, contact, campaign or opportunity.

If Reachdesk is handling the landing page, can we still sync to a Salesforce campaign?

Yes you can, as long as you map the Reachdesk campaign to a Salesforce campaign (remember to map the statuses too). The contact/lead you're sending to must also exist in Salesforce already.

What happens if I try to send/trigger a campaign and there is no balance?

The send will look like it's happened but it will sit in 'pending'. If you try to approve, you will be notified that it cannot be sent as there is no budget. Once you have topped up you can approve that send. Try to estimate potential spend to avoid this happening.

What happens if I try to send/trigger a campaign when there is no stock?

The send will look like it's happened but it will sit in 'pending'. If you try to approve, you will be notified that it cannot be sent as there is no stock. The send can sit there until stock is in, or the engage expires.

How often do you call the API?
- 1 API call to check the matching contacts/leads/opportunities/campaign member for each triggered campaign. This happens twice an hour.
- 1 API call per engage sent to update the status. The campaign member status update should be 'close to' instantaneous when an action happens with the engage (opened/clicked/etc).

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