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How do I connect Marketo to Reachdesk?

Follow the steps outlined here to get connected. It should take less than 10 minutes.

Do I need a Marketo admin to set up the integration?

No, if you follow our step by step, you should be able to complete without admin help, but it may depend on your level of access within Marketo. You will need to be able to create a new custom service, and custom fields.

How can I connect additional Marketo users to Reachdesk?

Follow these quick steps here.

How can I trigger a Reachdesk direct mail or gift card campaign from Marketo?

Once you have followed these steps to get set up, you can use any trigger within Marketo to trigger a Reachdesk campaign. In the flow of your Marketo smart campaign, you need to select 'change data value' for Reachdesk campaign UUID, then call the webhook:

I can't see the Reachdesk campaign UUID?

Have you set your campaign up in the triggered campaigns tab? If you're trying to set up a triggered campaign out of the campaigns tab, it won't work. Once you have created in the trigger campaigns tab, selected Marketo as the connector under the Campaign Trigger, your Reachdesk Campaign UUID will appear.

Can I change who my emails are sent from via Marketo?

Yes, this can be edited via the profile of the Marketo connector account you choose. You could choose to have a generic connector account which looks something like this for 'marketing' sends:

Or you could opt for a person's name. Remember you can also connect multiple Marketo users to Reachdesk using the same client ID, secret, and endpoint.

My emails are being sent from the Marketo connector account's name. How can I change this?

This is the same as the above, and can be edited via the profile of the Marketo connector account you're using. You could choose to have a generic connector account name for 'marketing' sends, or you could opt for a person's name.

Do you map to programs?

Yes, we map our Reachdesk campaigns to Marketo programs. When an interaction happens or changes with a Reachdesk campaign, we will update the Program Member Status in Marketo accordingly.

What information do you populate in Marketo?

We do not edit or overwrite any information on your person records. We use the information to process a Reachdesk campaign. We write to the program and update stauses only. More on this, here.

Which information does Reachdesk read and write to?

We read contact information from Marketo to enable a send to be processed. We also write to Program member statuses based on the outcome of the Reachdesk campaign. More on this, here.

I have sent a campaign and am getting lots of email notifications, is this normal?

Yes, the connector that is used to send a Reachdesk campaign will also receive email notifications that the campaigns have been sent and delivered (for physical gifts).

My campaign hasn't triggered, what is going wrong?

There are a number of reasons why it may not trigger, and we are here to troubleshoot with you. Things to check:

  1. In your Marketo campaign results tab - has the webhook fired or failed? If it has failed, it is likely that there is some information missing. Check back over the setup of the webhook and use this as your reference. If this looks correct, do you have address verification off? If so, it may be that address information is incomplete for all/some of the people. Check that the people who have met the trigger, have the correct contact information available to perform that send.

  2. Have you used a trigger or a filter? We can only trigger a Reachdesk send off of a Marketo trigger, not a filter.

  3. Did it fail for specific people? If so, check if their email and country field is filled in. We need these as a minimum to trigger a send even when using address confirmation.

  4. Are you using custom address fields? If so, make sure these are the fields mapped in the webhook.

My Reachdesk campaign isn't mapping to back to Marketo, what's happening?

There are usually a few reasons as to why this could be happening.

  1. Check that you mapped the statuses correctly within Reachdesk:

2. Check that the campaign has actually sent and that the webhook has fired correctly. You can tell this in your campaign 'results' tab in Marketo, or on the sends tab in Reachdesk.

If you are still having issues, please reach out to us.

How quickly does the sync between Reachdesk and Marketo happen after a campaign has been executed?

The initial trigger is instant; the sync and subsequent updates to programs is also quick, but on some occasions it could take a few minutes to sync updates to and from.

I can't see the Marketo program I just created in Reachdesk?

We check and sync to new programs every 20 minutes past the hour, so you might just need to a wait a little longer to see it.

I can't see my Marketo program in Reachdesk?

If it was created over an hour ago and it's still not showing, please try to search the program with the exact spelling. If you have lots of programs in Marketo, it takes a little longer to locate them.

What triggers push and pull data from Marketo to Reachdesk?

You can use any trigger in Marketo to send a Reachdesk campaign. Reachdesk will simply use the contact information of anyone who matches the trigger, to make a send.

If Reachdesk is handling the landing page, can we still sync to a Marketo program?

It is best for you to own the landing page (and build out of Marketo), as we can't currently support triggering a campaign from our managed landing pages via your specific Marketo instance and subsequent campaign.

What happens if I try to trigger a campaign and there is no balance?

Your send will trigger but sit in 'pending' in the sends tab until there is balance. You will then need to approve those sends. We'd recommend always setting a max budget so as not to run into any issues (particularly with triggered campaigns).

What happens if I try to trigger a campaign when there is no stock?

The send will look like it's happened but it will sit in 'pending' in the sends tab. If you try to approve, you will be notified that it cannot be sent as there is no stock. The send can sit there until stock is in, or the engage expires.

Do my Marketo program statuses have to match the Reachdesk statuses?

No, they don't need to be identical, but we'd recommend them being similar as it will make the most sense when reporting.

Can I send a gift card via a Marketo email?

Yes you can, here is some more information on that.

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