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In addition to the steps detailed in our help doc, 'Connecting Marketo and Reachdesk', if you'd like to send Reachdesk e-gift cards straight out of your own Marketo emails, you will need to follow the additional steps detailed below.

1. Create an additional custom field

This will be used in the webhook. The API Name must be 'marketoSmartCampaignId':

2. Create an additional webhook

This will be used to call the Reachdesk campaign and create the e-gift card URL for your emails. Let's call it something like, 'Reachdesk e-gift card webhook'.


Template: {"marketoSmartCampaignId": {{lead.Reachdesk Marketo Smart Campaign ID}},"campaignUUID": {{lead.Reachdesk Campaign UUID}}, "id": {{lead.Id}}, "firstName": {{lead.First Name}}, "lastName": {{lead.Last Name}}, "fullName": {{lead.Full Name}}, "email": {{lead.Email Address}}, "address": {{lead.Address}}, "city": {{lead.City}}, "state": {{lead.State}}, "postalCode": {{lead.Postal Code}}, "country": {{lead.Country}}, "company": {{company.Company Name}} }

You're ready to set up your Marketo program now.

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