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Note: this differs to our standard set up, where the Reachdesk e-gift card emails are sent out via Reachdesk ( The method below will enable you to send Reachdesk e-gift cards from within your Marketo emails. If you haven't already, you'll need to follow two quick setup steps before doing the below.

*You must be an admin to send triggered campaigns.

Step 1: Create your program

Use the right 'type' so you can track your e-gift card statuses.

Step 2: Create a new text token in your program

It should be exactly the same as the below:

This will be replaced by Reachdesk when processing the campaign.

Step 3: Create your email

Insert the token you just created into your chosen CTA button link, {{my.gift_card_url}}:

Step 4: Create your e-gift card campaign in Reachdesk

Head to triggered campaigns, and hit 'New Triggered Campaign'. Toggle off the 'default template' since we won't be needing this. Map to your program and select your campaign trigger. Make a note of the Reachdesk Campaign UUID.

Step 5: Create the email send campaign

The trigger should be Campaign is Requested, and Source is Web Service API, and in the flow, add the email you want to send (this is the one we inserted the token into above).

Activate this campaign.

Step 6: Create another campaign. This will be your campaign to trigger the Reachdesk campaign.

Pick the trigger which will see people be sent the e-gift card email. Then, in your flow you need to add the following:

  1. Change Data Value - Attribute: Marketo Smart Campaign Id. This ID should be the ID for the email send campaign you created above. It can be found in the campaign URL: and is the 4 (or 5) digits after 'SC', so in this case '1193'.

  2. Change Data Value - Attribute: Reachdesk Campaign UUID. As per the campaign you have created in Reachdesk.

  3. Call Webhook - Your giftcard webhook (not original Reachdesk webhook).

Important reminder: in the status tab of your campaign remember to only let people run through the flow once, or they may trigger and be sent a gift multiple times:

Once activated, the flow will work like this:

Sequence of events:



Person hits trigger

  • Marketo Smart Campaign ID data value changed

  • Reachdesk Campaign UUID data value changed

  • Reachdesk Gift Card Webhook called

Reachdesk identifies which campaign to send via the Reachdesk Campaign UUID and calls the Marketo Smart Campaign via the ID

Reachdesk replaces the gift URL token in the Marketo email and the email is sent.

Activate then test, test, test, and you are good to go!

Important Note

Sending large volumes: Reachdesk has no rate limits and can process large volumes of sends, however Marketo has a strict timeout in which it wants a send processed by. Reachdesk can't always meet this time limit as we process sends 1 by 1 (albeit still very quickly). This does not effect a send being processed, but you may see some errors like this in Marketo:

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