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The tight integration between Salesforce and 6sense opens up a new layer of possibilities for Reachdesk customers using both tools.

There are a few ways that you can utilise the 6sense data flowing into Salesforce to send a Reachdesk campaign and we'll cover them below:

Triggered sends (using campaign membership)

Go to Salesforce and set up your Salesforce campaign in the usual way, so:

  • Name it: you may want to include both 'Reachdesk' and '6sense' for reporting purposes.

  • Make sure you're using the correct campaign type and/or that the campaign statuses are aligned to Reachdesk's physical/e-gift card send statuses. More on those statuses here. You can change campaign statuses in the advanced setup, you have to be in classic to do this.

Head to Reachdesk and:

  • Create your triggered campaign, filling out all of the campaign specifics.

  • In the campaign sync, pick your Salesforce connector and the campaign you'd like to sync with (this can be the same one you use to trigger the campaign).

  • Under Campaign Trigger, let's pick the Salesforce connector again. Select the 'Campaign Member' object > to configure, pick 'Campaign ID equals', and in the value, paste in the campaign ID of the Salesforce campaign you want to use to trigger the Reachdesk campaign. It should look something like this:

Add another field and pick 'Status equals', here let's pick the first status someone has when entering this campaign, i.e. 'Member':

So if this is a direct mail campaign, your statuses could look something like this:

Member > Sent > Delivered.

Or for an e-gifting campaign:

Member > Sent > Opened > Clicked > Claimed.

  • Head back into Salesforce or 6sense to add members to your chosen Salesforce campaign. This can be done via Orchestration in 6sense; alternatively, you can add contacts within accounts (that are in-market and showing intent) into Salesforce campaigns on the fly. Head into the account, then into contacts, select the relevant contacts and 'add to campaign'.

1-2-1 sends

Using signals from 6sense, you can also send 1-2-1 campaigns to known contacts or leads within those accounts. If an account is in-market at a stage you've defined as desirable, head into that account, check if the known contacts/prospects either match the locations of those showing intent or are a strong profile fit. If they are, pull down the Reachdesk plugin, personalise your gift and get sending!

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