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Bombora's integrations with the popular CRMs and MAPs like Salesforce, Marketo, and HubSpot opens up a world of opportunity for Reachdesk's customers using these tools.

Once you've integrated, Bombora will push company surge data against existing company and lead records, which in turn can be used in your automations/campaigns/programs. This means you can then utilise any of the Bombora information to send a Reachdesk campaign!

Depending on the initiatives you're planning, you'll now have access to data points across your accounts which illustrate the strongest intent activity. These include which topics are being consumed by target accounts/prospects (and which are spiking), numbers of surging topics within accounts and average composite scores; all of which will help you prioritise and become more targeted.

So, you can probably already can see lots of use cases for hyper-personalisation via a Reachdesk campaign. It's the perfect pairing! Because this information will be updating regularly as new interactions happen, you might even plan for 'always on' type triggered/automated campaigns which sends specific Reachdesk campaigns when a criteria is met (defined by you of course). Keep it hyper-personalised by pulling in tokens and specific messaging around pain points; the possibilities are endless.

Once you've decided how you might want to utilise Bombora data and Reachdesk, head to the articles below based on your chosen platform:

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