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There are a few ways that you can utilise Bombora data in Salesforce to send a Reachdesk campaign. Before we begin, please make sure you have installed Bombora for Salesforce.

1-2-1 sends

Using the intent data from Bombora will enable you to take your 1-2-1 tactics to the next level.

Note: You will need to create your campaign in Reachdesk first - if just a shell that you then personalise within the plugin per each new send.

If an account is showing high intent/surging on key topics as defined by Bombora in Salesforce > head into that account > check if the known contacts are a strong profile fit based on the topics being searched > pull down your Reachdesk plugin > personalise your gift and get sending!

Triggered sends (using campaign membership)

We can also utilise Bombora data in Salesforce to send 1-to-many Reachdesk campaigns, whilst always keeping it personalised. Use cases here could include sending a personalised gift to contacts within different accounts that are surging on the same topics, or contacts within the same accounts surging across multiple topics, for example. Using this information and the personalisation tokens within Reachdesk presents lots of opportunity to scale up and save time, but not sacrifice the level of customisation required.

Once you've found a list of contacts you'd like to target, follow the steps below:

Go to Salesforce and set up your Salesforce campaign in the usual way, so:

  • Name it: you may want to include both 'Reachdesk' and 'Bombora' for reporting purposes.

  • Make sure you're using the correct campaign type and/or that the campaign statuses are aligned to Reachdesk's physical/e-gift card send statuses. More on those statuses here. You can change campaign statuses in the advanced setup, you have to be in classic to do this.

Head to Reachdesk and:

  • Create your triggered campaign, filling out all of the campaign specifics.

  • In the campaign sync, pick your Salesforce connector and the campaign you'd like to sync with (this can be the same one you use to trigger the campaign).

  • Under Campaign Trigger, let's pick the Salesforce connector again. Select the 'Campaign Member' object > to configure, pick 'Campaign ID equals', and in the value, paste in the campaign ID of the Salesforce campaign you want to use to trigger the Reachdesk campaign. It should look something like this:

Add another field and pick 'Status equals', here let's pick the first status someone has when entering this campaign, i.e. 'Member':

So if this is a direct mail campaign, your statuses could look something like this:

Member > Sent > Delivered.

Or for an e-gifting campaign:

Member > Sent > Opened > Clicked > Claimed.

  • When you're ready to hit play, head back into Salesforce to add members to your chosen Salesforce campaign based on the Bombora criteria. You can add contacts into Salesforce campaigns on the fly; head into the account, then into contacts, select the relevant contacts and 'add to campaign'.

Sending a gift alongside an entirely personalised message based on surging topics is a sure-fire way to cut through the noise. Let us know how you get on!

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