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You'll need to have the Bombora <> Marketo integration set up before baking Reachdesk into the mix. You can do that here.

This integration will give you even more options to utilise Reachdesk in your ABM and nurturing efforts. Use cases here could include sending a personalised gift to contacts within different accounts who hit a certain score threshold or, contacts within accounts surging on the same topics, etc. Using this information and the personalisation tokens within Reachdesk presents lots of opportunity to scale up and save time, but not sacrifice the level of customisation required.

Setting up a triggered send based on Bombora Company Surge®

These will be set up in exactly the same way as usual, just pulling from triggers in your Bombora Custom Objects. First, set up your Marketo program if you haven't done so already:

  • Create your smart campaign which will call your Reachdesk campaign (to be sent).

  • Define the trigger criteria that would see someone land in this campaign. For example (and depending on naming of the Bombora custom object), it may be something like 'Bombora Surge is updated' and your Trigger Attribute could be the 'Topic' name. You may then have a different triggered campaign per surging topic.

Then in your flow, we'll need the following:

You'll notice the Reachdesk Campaign UUID is empty. So let's head into Reachdesk to sort that out.

  • Create your triggered campaign, filling out all of the campaign specifics.

  • Remember, as an extra safety measure you can toggle off 'Automatically approve all triggered sends' to have a view of who is matching this criteria ahead of approving/rejecting.

  • In the campaign sync, pick your Marketo connector and the program you'd like to sync (as above). Note: if it doesn't appear, we sync every 20 minutes past the hour, so you may need to wait a little bit.

  • Under Campaign Trigger, let's pick the Marketo connector again. This will generate your Reachdesk Campaign UUID. Paste that back into the flow of your Marketo program and then you're good to go.

If you're sending e-gift cards and would like them to be sent straight out of your Marketo emails, you'll need to follow a slightly different set up which is defined here.

Let us know if you have any questions!

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