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You'll need to have the Bombora <> HubSpot integration set up before weaving Reachdesk into the mix. You can do that here. This integration will give you even more options to utilise Reachdesk in your ABM and nurturing efforts; Bombora nicely buckets the opportunities it presents into the following:

Off the back of this, you can insert Reachdesk into these initiatives to break down those doors!

There are two main ways that we can utilise Bombora Company Surge® insights in HubSpot to send Reachdesk gifting campaigns, these are:

1-2-1 sends

Using the intent data from Bombora will enable you to take your 1-2-1 tactics to the next level.

Note: You will need to create your campaign in Reachdesk first - if just a shell that you then personalise within the plugin per each new send.

If a company is showing high intent/surging on key topics as defined by Bombora in HubSpot > head into that company > check if the known contacts are a strong profile fit based on the topics being searched > pull down your Reachdesk plugin > personalise your gift and get sending!

Setting up a triggered workflows based on Bombora Company Surge® insights

These will be set up in exactly the same way as usual, just using enrolment criteria from your Bombora Company Surge® properties. First, set up your HubSpot workflow:

  • Pick the enrolment criteria that would see someone land in this campaign. For example, we could use their last surging date and relevant topic that the company has been surging on:

When you're happy with the criteria, we'll need to add in the 'Trigger Webhook' action. Leave this blank and head into Reachdesk:

  • Create your triggered campaign, filling out all of the campaign specifics.

  • Remember, as an extra safety measure you can toggle off 'Automatically approve all triggered sends' to have a view of who is matching this criteria ahead of approving/rejecting.

  • Leave campaign sync blank, since HubSpot campaigns don't work in this way.

  • Under Campaign Trigger, let's pick the HubSpot connector. This will generate your webhook address. Paste this URL back into your Webhook URL in the workflow you've just created:

Then you are good to go!

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