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Utilising the triggered functionality within Reachdesk opens up lots of opportunities to automate personalisation, and at scale! Below are some of the common use cases for triggered campaigns that we have witnessed and used so far.

For Marketing/Sales Teams

Pre Event

We see lots of triggered campaigns being sent to registrants of events, or to prospects encouraging event sign ups (virtual and physical). These vouchers really help drive engagement and attendance ahead of events. Gifts range from coffee vouchers, to food vouchers to event 'SWAG' bundles.

How do you trigger?

Triggers usually include list membership or campaign membership.

Post Event

A popular use case for triggered sends is sending post event follow ups and thank yous. They are always a hit; they make your company memorable and help to continue the conversation.

How do you trigger?

Triggers usually include list membership or campaign membership.

Sales Qualified Opportunity

Some of our clients have sent physical or e-gift cards to those involved in an opportunity, when it moves in stage to something like 'Sales Qualified'. This is a great way to stay top of mind and nurture the relationship. The gift you send may depend on the value of that opportunity, or any other criteria within that opp. We have seen bottles of wine sent, to vegan cupcakes, to spirits, to brownies, to branded sweets!

How do you trigger?

Triggers off of a data value (stage) changing in an opportunity/deal.

Closed Won Opportunity

In keeping with the above theme, and a popular choice! Lots of clients will send gifts to those involved in an a opportunity when it goes to closed won. Again, this can also pull in other criteria within that opportunity, like opportunity value. Some clients opt only to send gifts to those really high value opportunities. Talk about getting off on the right foot!

How do you trigger?

Triggers off of a data value (stage) changing in an opportunity/deal.

Themed nurtures and prospecting

We have some super creative clients who weave Reachdesk into their nurture and prospecting efforts. These have either been based on seasonal events (Valentines, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, etc), real-time/current events (COVID 😧) or using the gift to create the messaging i.e. sending coffee vouchers, and referring to their prospect's challenge keeping them up all night, or sending cupcakes to 'sweeten' the deal and break down doors.

We've seen lots of working from home bundles sent, kids entertainment packages, home office packages, cocktail kits, you name it!

From Valentines gifts to win back lost opportunities to 'ghosted' style Halloween gifts to reengage prospects who have dropped off the radar. There are so many use cases.

How do you trigger?

These triggers could be anything available, based on where someone is in their journey with you. Perhaps it's a score change, a form fill, a desired action, or lack of action!

For Customer Success Teams

Thank yous to Power Users and Top Customers

This is a common and well loved use case. What better way to reward your top customers and power users than with a personalised gift? Gifting isn't just for prospecting. We've see flowers sent, personalised cookies, champagne, swag bundles, hampers, spirits, plants, chocolates and so much more!

How do you trigger?

List membership, data value changes, score changes - depending on how you're tracking that information back into your chosen MAP/CRM.


When someone turns a customer, we send them a gift, and our clients do too! We want to set the precedent that we value this relationship, and what better way to do so?

Doing something cool with Reachdesk and triggered campaigns? Let us know!

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