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Using Demandbase One, you can create audiences of the right kinds of buyers for accounts at the right stages, where Reachdesk Direct Mail can not only drive the best outcomes, but automate the execution of those sends. This means you can streamline direct mail execution and focus on targets which will drive the best ROI.


  • Must have Orchestration in Demandbase One

  • Must have Marketo

Triggering Reachdesk sends (using campaign membership)

Step 1: Create your Marketo Program and campaign which you'll add a Demandbase One audience to (and subsequently use to trigger a Reachdesk gift send).

Step 2: Set your campaign up in Reachdesk

Head to Triggered campaigns > New Triggered Campaign > and pick the type of Reachdesk campaign you’d like to send.

Step 3: Build your Reachdesk campaign

Pick which gift you’d like to send, and build out your campaign:

Step 4: Pick the Marketo program you’d like to sync updates to (when a gift is sent and delivered). We’d recommend including ‘Reachdesk’ and ‘Demandbase’ in the title to help call out in reporting:

Remember to map your statuses:

Step 5: Set up your triggered campaign.

Your trigger here will be 'Campaign is requested' and source is 'Web Service API'. (More info on this from Demandbase here). Remember that Reachdesk needs a minimum of email and country to trigger a send!

In your flow, we'll need to change the data value of the 'Reachdesk Campaign UUID' and call the Reachdesk webhook:

Activate this campaign.

Step 6: Head into Demandbase One and create an Automation

Create an Automation and define your Audience list of people at accounts. You can use any data in Demandbase One to create an audience. In this example we’re looking for executives at accounts in the MQA journey stage for less than 2 days that have no open sales opportunities.

Step 7: Add an Action

Step 8: Set the Action

Choose the ‘Add Person to Marketo Campaign’ action. This will trigger your campaign being sent.

Step 9: Choose the Marketo campaign

Choose the Marketo campaign you want to add people into, to trigger a gift send.

Step 10: Schedule Automation cadence (how often will this automation run, meaning when and how often will new contacts be added to the SFDC Campaign?). Options include:

  • Automation Run Type: Once, Pre-scheduled Run, Recurring

  • Automation Review Cadence (for recurring): hourly, daily, weekly, monthly

  • Choose Repeat Cycle - ever X cycles (days, weeks, hours, etc.)

  • Exclude specific days (holidays, weekends, etc.)

Save. Once people start matching your audience criteria, your direct mails will be sent via Reachdesk.

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