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There are two main ways that you can send physical gifts via Marketo; the difference is whether you choose to use our address confirmation feature or not.

This video details and visualises the two methods, but we go into more detail below.

How do Reachdesk recommend sending physical gifts via Marketo?

The are a few factors to take into account, based on those, our recommendations are the following:



I don't want to manage or store home address information in Marketo

✔️ Use Address confirmation

I don't trust my address information in Marketo

✔️ Use Address confirmation

I am OK with storing, managing and deleting home address data in Marketo

❌ Do Not Use Address confirmation

I would like to reduce the number of steps a prospect takes to receive a gift

❌ Do Not Use Address confirmation

Important note: how you trigger a campaign send will not change. The only difference between the options below is whether you toggle on or off our address confirmation feature.

Address Confirmation Turned On: Flow

If you are using our address confirmation; you don't need to collect address information yourself.

On your landing page form, the only fields Reachdesk needs to trigger a send is email address and country.

Your form on your landing page will look something like this:

(In this example we also include the option to pick a gift, which means we'd trigger two separate campaigns based on the form fill.)

This ultimately adds an extra step in for that prospect. Once they have filled out the form, they will receive an email to confirm their address:

Once they have done that, the gift will send.

Address Confirmation Turned Off: Flow

If you are collecting address information yourself, and choosing not to use our address confirmation, the form on your landing page will need to include all of the relevant fields to capture an address; these are Name, Email, Address Line 1, Town/City, Postcode and Country.

Your landing page could look something like this:

Note: if you are using custom fields for capturing home addresses, you will need to make sure they are correctly mapped in the webhook. i.e. lead.home city, lead.home country, etc:

Some may argue this is a slightly more seamless flow for your prospects, as once they fill in this form, Reachdesk can trigger the gift being sent without asking them to confirm their address.

We (Reachdesk) use this method, and we have workflows in place to then wipe/remove home address data after 30 days.

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