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Sometimes you can't find the right gift card, that's why we created the Reward Pass. It's a gift card that is accepted like cash for shopping and is available for gifting across the globe :)

You should be already familiar with Gift Cards. If not we've got you covered with this useful Getting Started with Gift Cards guide, it's a must!!!

Just to refresh your memory here's a quick guide on how to build up a campaign. The steps to create a Reward Pass campaign are exactly the same of a Gift Card one...easy life :)

How it works

The Reward Pass is a virtual or physical card: recipient receives a Reachdesk email with the Reward Pass

You see the Reward Pass on the webpage. Please click on it,

read the terms and conditions and claim the gift by clicking the button

Please wait a few seconds and the Reward Pass will be sent to your email

Please check your inbox now, you should have received an email from with the subject line

‘Your Mastercard Reward has Arrived!’ , open the email and click on the ‘Access your card’ button

Please fill in the information requested, all fields are required. Be sure to check the box in order to continue

In the next step you need to review and confirm your Virtual Card

Note: According to the gift value of the Reward Pass you will have the option to choose between a Virtual (digital) or a Physical card. If you choose the physical card you will be mailed a one-time-load physical plastic card and its cost will be deducted from the gift card value. Please see the example below.

Next step is to agree to terms and conditions

At this point you need to verify your identity. An email from will be sent to your email address with the verification code. Please wait a few seconds, if you don't see it check your spam folder

Please use the verification code to confirm your identity and access your funds

You can now redeem the Reward Pass with the virtual card details provided

The details provided (Card Number, Expiration Date and CVV) can be used to pay online like an ordinary credit or debit card.

Note the total amount of the transaction cannot exceed the total value of the gift card and it lasts until the card expires.

You can always check your balance online. In case you would like to use the Reward Pass in a shop or restaurant you can only use the physical one.

If you have any questions or problems with redeeming your Reward Pass, do not hesitate to contact us at support@reachdesk. The team will be happy to help you via email or chat.


Are there any restrictions?

You can purchase almost anything however below is a list of transactions which are prohibited with Reward Pass.

  • Paying for loans or mortgages.

  • Reoccurring or subscription services.

  • Cash out via ATM/POS.

  • Gambling either online or in a venue.

  • Online poker and sports betting.

  • Questionable or known scams that are sometimes coded as small dollar transactions that come up as subscriptions or recurring transactions.

  • Some types of PayPal transactions where the “merchant” has set themselves a person

  • Cheque cashing, payroll advance or utility payments.

  • Premium Bonds.

  • Online sites that are setup to remove or cash out prepaid/ gift cards for cash or transfer.

Is the Reward Pass available everywhere?

The Reward Pass can be used in many countries and we regularly update our country list which is available here.

Can I add the Reward Pass to my digital wallet?

Presently only USD and CAD currencies can be added to digital wallets.

Are there any limits per currency?

Yes, there is an upper limit per currency











Can I use my Reward Pass in a shop?

Only physical cards can be used in shops and restaurants. Virtual cards can only be used online.

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