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To facilitate the sending of gifts, recipients need to be alerted that a present is waiting for them! For physical gifts, recipients are asked to confirm which address the gift should be sent to.

By verifying additional domains, you can enable correspondence to come from the email that your users signed up with. Some Reachdesk customers prefer this custom setup as it enables on-brand personalised communication.


By default, email outreach via the platform comes from

Carly works for yourdomain and signed up to Reachdesk with the email

Post the addition of as a custom domain, email outreach sent by Carly through the Reachdesk platform would now come from rather than


You will need to reach out to a person in your company who has access to your company DNS provider in order to complete this set this up. Domain's will need to match your main company domain.

Step One

Visit and click to Add Company Domain

Step Two

Type the custom domain you would like to enable and hit Add Domain.

Important - N.B It won't work if you include a prefix. WWW. or @ is not required. Simply add only to set up custom email sending.

Step Three

Domain Sync Process

To guarantee effective delivery, copy your DKIM Value and Return-Path Value presented in the table below then head over to your host or DNS provider and access the area where you can add new DNS records.

In your DNS manager on your DNS Settings page, add a new TXT record with the DKIM Value and a CNAME record for the Return-Path Value for the domain you adding.

Once the record is added to your DNS, DKIM will show as verified in your Reachdesk account within 24 hours. You can use the Verify button to initiate a manual verification check if you do not see the record automatically become verified.

Note - You will see the grey 'unverified' pill switch to a green 'verified' pill once the set up is complete. If you find things are taking longer than 24 hours, please follow up with your customer support contact.

Step Four

Activating your custom domain

After the DKIM record is verified, tick the domain you want to activate custom correspondence to come from. Reachdesk will begin sending correspondence from your users who signed up using this domain.

Step Five

Validation of set up for each of your users

For all users in your account who have signed up to Reachdesk with email addresses using this domain - correspondence from these users to recipients will now come from the email address that they signed up with.

You can verify the setup for individual users by visiting Here you can see the email that the user signed up and the email that they are setup to correspond from.

Step Six

Accounts that have users signed up using multiple domains

In some cases companies have users signing up with email addresses using a variety of domains. See in the image above users have signed up with and .

In these instances adding the additional domain(s) (by following the process above again) will enable these users to send from the email they signed up with.


Deleting Custom Domains

You can delete a domain by clicking on the dustbin icon.

When no custom domains are checked, all users will default to corresponding from .

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