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NB: for sends to people in Marketo to track back to Salesforce, their email must exist in Salesforce ahead of sending.

1. Create the Salesforce campaign you'd like to map statuses back to.

This is where you'll be able to report on success of this campaign in relation to opportunities.

2. Create your triggered campaign in Reachdesk

Pick the type of campaign you'd like to send, and complete the campaign set up.

At the bottom, select the Salesforce campaign you'd like to sync with, and map your statuses.

Under the campaign trigger, select your Marketo connector.

Select if you'd like to automatically approve triggered sends, then save.

NB: as a minimum to trigger a gift, we require both email and country fields to be populated.

3. Create your campaign in Marketo

Define the criteria that would see someone be sent a Reachdesk gift:

Set up your flow as you usually would:

Add additional steps or activate, and you're good to go!

Step 3: Test, test, test!

You're ready to get testing, treat yourself to a coffee to check everything is working!

Expected Behaviour

You will be sending from Marketo, so people will flow through the steps in your Marketo campaign in the normal way. You won't see their program member status change in Marketo unless you sync to a Marketo program (not Salesforce campaign).

You will also see campaign members appear in your respective Salesforce campaign.

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