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If you're looking to automatically send a Reachdesk e-gift upon a reward being redeemed in Influitive, you can use the Zapier integration to send these gifts automatically.

Before you get started creating your Zap

1. Create API token

If this is your first time integrating Reachdesk with Zapier, you'll need a Reachdesk admin (any user of yours with admin privileges) to create a new API token. Head into Reachdesk > Organisation > API tokens and create a new token, call it Zapier (or whatever makes sense to you). Copy that token down somewhere, we'll need it later. Note: Once a token has been created, you won't need to create any more to connect Reachdesk to Zapier; you can use one token for the whole organisation (so keep the token value safe for re-use!)

2. Create the Reachdesk Campaign

Create the Reachdesk campaign that you'd like to use as a reward - this should be created in the campaigns section, not triggered campaigns. It should follow the same format as all other campaigns.

3. Create the Influitive Reward

Create the reward in Influitive which will link to a Reachdesk campaign. This should follow the same rules as your other rewards (as you see fit). The only difference will be the details under Auto Fulfilment Data in your reward, let's keep it consistent and make sure the provider is always 'Reachdesk'. We'll also use the 'Type' to trigger this specific gift, so make a note of what you put in here. In the message, you may want to specify that the e-gift card will be sent separately, or leave blank.

Note: if you check the Administrator approval required box, we will trigger a gift after you have hit 'approve without fulfilling' (note: it has to be marked as approve without fulfilling before marking as fulfilled for the webhook to fire):

4. Redeem your reward above for testing later

As you'll want to test the zap, we'd recommend redeeming a reward (as a dummy), as each stage when we test, you can see how details from the webhook will pull through.

Now you're ready to create your zap.

Set up your Zap

We've created a ready-made Zap for you to set up your integration in a few minutes. You will need a Reachdesk campaign per reward and a Zap per reward.

Add your trigger

Choose your app and event trigger > Webhooks by Zapier > Catch Hook.

Copy the webhook Zapier gives you - this is unique to this zap only.

Head into Influitive > Settings > System > Webhooks and Add a New Webhook (you may need an Influitive admin to do this). This will be tied to a campaign in Reachdesk so name it accordingly, i.e. Reachdesk Amazon Gift Card, and paste the Zapier URL in the Webhook Provider URL field.

Select 'Redeemed Reward' under the 'Run webhook on these events' option.

Add Filter Action

Here we need to define which Redeemed Rewards we listen to, to only trigger when it's your Reachdesk gift.

As we mentioned above, in your Influitive reward, under Auto Fulfilment Data, let's keep it consistent and make sure the provider is always 'Reachdesk', and name the 'Type' what the gift is.

In your filter setup & testing let's pick only continue if, Provider Name exactly matches Reachdesk and Source Name (name of gift) exactly matches your gift name. So this example would be 'Amazon gift card'.

Add Reachdesk Action

Add your final action > Reachdesk > select e-gift

Choose your account or connect a new Reachdesk account.

To connect a new account you will need the API token you created earlier. Paste that token into the below when prompted.

You’re now connected. Set up your action:

  • Add your campaign ID. This is found by going into the Reachdesk campaign you'd like to send, and grabbing the 4-digit number in the URL. Ie:

  • Add your sender email address. This is the Reachdesk user account the gifts will send from. If multiple users want to send the same campaign, they'll each just need to setup a Zap to make sends from their user instance in Reachdesk. The sender email must be a Reachdesk user.

  • The Zap will show you which Reachdesk fields need to be populated with information from the webhook, i.e recipient first name, last name, email, and an optional company name. In each field select the field that corresponds with the Reachdesk field - there will be a dropdown of fields to pick from.

Select whether you want to auto-approve all sends, or require all sends to be reviewed:

  • Auto-approve, the send will process automatically with no human intervention/review.

  • If you'd like to review sends before they are processed, choose require all sends to be reviewed. If you select this option, the sender will be notified when there is a new pending send, they'll need to head into the Reachdesk platform to approve or reject that send.

Note: If you have checked Administrator approval required in Influitive, then we suggest auto-approve here. Unless you want to review twice!

Hit continue.

Test your zap, and you're good to go!

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