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Campaign Status Mapping

As we can map to your campaign statuses in Salesforce, we'd recommend changing your campaign statuses in Salesforce to match our Reachdesk statuses a closely as possible. These are, for e-gift cards:

  • Sent

  • Opened

  • Clicked

  • Claimed

For physical gifts:

  • Processed

  • Shipped

  • Delivered

  • Cancelled

  • Returned

To change your campaign statuses in Salesforce, you need to head into your campaign > switch to Salesforce classic > go to advanced setup > edit your statuses.

Note: it doesn't matter if the statuses do differ to ours, but for consistency we'd recommend keeping them similar.

Moving forward

We'd recommend creating a new campaign type for e-gifts and physical gifts, and setting those statuses so they can be used seamlessly for future campaigns.

Campaign Naming

As Reachdesk fits in seamlessly alongside your other campaigns in Salesforce, as well as creating a campaign 'type' for direct mail and e-gifting (above), we'd recommend keeping 'Reachdesk' in the campaign name for ease of reference. If you download our unmanaged package of reports, this will help to cherry pick Reachdesk campaigns only to configure and report on separately where desired.

Mapping dilemma

One Reachdesk campaign to one Salesforce campaign VS multiple Reachdesk campaigns to one Salesforce campaign.

We're often asked what best practice is as you can do both, but how you choose to do this depends on how granular you'd like to report. We'd recommend mapping on a 1-2-1 basis (one Reachdesk campaign to one Salesforce campaign), so you can really see over time, which types of initiatives are working best for you with regard to deliveries/claims, as well as influence on opportunities.

Some customers do opt for a 'high level' gift card campaign for example, which they then map all gift card campaigns to, but this wouldn't show you which particular gift card/initiative drove the most influence on opportunities, etc.

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