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The Reachdesk app in Zapier allows you to connect up to other apps to trigger a Reachdesk e-gift or physical gift send. Before you create your first zap (workflow), there are a few things you need to do:


  1. A Zapier account

  2. A Reachdesk account

1. Create an API token (to connect Reachdesk to Zapier)

If this is your first time integrating Reachdesk with Zapier, you'll need a Reachdesk admin (any user of yours with admin privileges) to create a new API token. Head into Reachdesk > Organisation > API tokens and create a new token, call it Zapier (or whatever makes sense to you). Copy that token down somewhere you'll need it when creating a zap. Note: Once a token has been created, you won't need to create any more to connect Reachdesk to Zapier; you can use one token for the whole organisation (so keep the token value safe for re-use!)

2. Create the Reachdesk Campaign

Create the Reachdesk campaign that you'd like to use to trigger a gift - this should be created in the campaigns section, (not triggered campaigns). It should follow the same format as all other campaigns.

3. Fields required to make a send

Recipient First Name, Last Name, Email and Country. The app that you're connecting to Reachdesk will need to pull those fields in, in order to execute a send.

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