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Where can I view my balances?

There are different areas in the platform where balances can be accessed.

My Balances (Available on the Top Bar of the platform)

  • My Balance - Your remaining balance available to be used to send campaigns.

  • Unclaimed Balance - Your balance that has been used to send campaigns, but have not been claimed or delivered. You still have a chance to use these if the campaign expires or gets cancelled.

  • Company Balance - Company funds that have not been allocated to any user

Total Available Balances (Available in Organization > Balances > Overview)

  • Shows the total available balances of the entire company.

  • This combines the available company balance and user balances minus any pending transactions.

  • This represents funds that can still be allocated and used in the platform.

User Balances (Available in Organization > Balances > User Balances)

Shows balance available for each user in each currency. This is also where an admin can adjust user credit.

Where can I view my transactions?

Go to Organization > Balances > Transactions.

What types of transactions can I view?

Transactions represent any credit or debit activity against a company or user balance in the platform.

  • Balance Top-Up - Credit from adding funds to Company balance

  • Balance Allocation - Credit or Debit from transferring funds from company balance to user balance (or vice versa)

  • Currency Conversion - Credit or Debit from transferring funds from one currency to another

  • Campaign Sends - Debit if engage is processed, credit if engage is cancelled. This will always be related to a campaign.

  • Sourced Items - Credit to show the invoice specifically used to source items, or debit if the company wants to use their balance for sourced items.

  • Refund - Credit given back to customer if a refund is needed, e.g. from an order cancellation.

  • Other - Other transactions that does not fit any of the types

What information is available against each transaction?

Each transaction has the following available information for the admin to view:

  • Date - Date and time the transaction was created

  • ID - Transaction ID which can used as a reference for any queries or issues

  • Reference - Determines more information about the transaction, e.g. if the transaction was a Balance Top-Up, this will show the invoice number

  • Transaction Type - Refers to the type of transactions, as explained above

  • Campaign Type - Refers to the type of campaign that was sent (e.g. Marketplace, Handwritten Note, Bundle or Gift Card)

  • User - User that was involved with the transaction. For Campaign Sends, this is the sender, for Balance Allocation, this is the user who was topped up, for Balance Top-Up, this is the Reachdesk Admin that processed the transaction.

  • Team - Team the user belongs to. This is currently optional.

  • Amount - Amount that is credited or debited

  • Currency - Currency that is used for the transaction

  • Status - Current status of the transaction

    • Pending - Transaction is still pending. This will be under "unclaimed balances" until the transaction is processed.

    • Processed - Transaction has been completed and deducted or added to the user balance or company balance.

    • Cancelled - Transaction has been cancelled, either because of a cancellation, or an update in the amount of the transaction.

How can I search and filter my transactions?

Under the Active Balances section, you can find all the available filters for your transactions.

Note: if you want to view transactions from before January 1st, 2021, you will need to contact so we can send you an export of this information.

How can I export my transactions?

On the top right of the transactions table, you can click on Export All as CSV to export all available transactions to a CSV file.

I have some comments, questions and feedback about my balance and transactions. Who do I contact?

Any questions, comments or feedback about your balance or transactions, please reach out to

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