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In the Send Engage flow a user can choose to send a physical gift in a number of ways.

If the Sender chooses to (1) ask the user to confirm their address and (2) notify the recipient via email correspondence, an email will be sent to the recipient upon completion of the send.

By default the email correspondence for all campaigns will match the default email found in the Branding tab within Organisation.

This email links to a default landing page where a user can confirm their address.

It is possible for Admins to customise the address confirmation Email and Landing pages per campaign within the Campaign set up area.

Start here by customizing your email subject line. Just erase the text and enter your own.

Tip: Keep it under 50 characters and avoid using words like "gift" that can be blocked by spam filters.

Next - enter the subject line preview text if you'd like. You can add custom variables and emojis by clicking on the variable or emoji editors at the bottom right of the editor.

Expand the Content Area to edit the email body. Edit the text and dyamic fields by deleting any text you don't want and typing in new text. As you type you'll see the preview on the right update in real-time.

Change the CTA if you would like. TIP: You probably don't need to do this unless you're changing the language.

Last step for email - Send an email to yourself. As soon as you click this button a test send will go to the email address you are signed in with.

Finally - Customize the address confirmation page your recipient sees when they click on your email.

P.S Does your branding look off? Update it in your admin profile by clicking Organizations on the left, then branding.

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