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Say goodbye to storing swag in your office. With Reachdesk you get space in our US, UK, EU, AU, and CA warehouses to store all your swag!

Unleash your artistic streak with products outside of our marketplace and stock up your inventory in our warehouses.

This is super simple and fast to do. First off, go to your Inventory. Then select a warehouse from the dropdown menu and under ‘Organizations Items’ you'll see any stock that you've already sent to the warehouse.

Note : From this page you can also select ship notices to check a SN status. You can also cancel or modify a SN.

From this page to send more items to a warehouse please follow these steps :

  • Click the button ‘Send More Items’

  • Select a warehouse

  • Select an item and related quantity or you can add a new item

  • If you add a new item to your inventory please name the item as specifically as possible e.g. The ‘Stefano’ Dark Chocolate Box, Stefano Chocolat Ltd Expires 2023/10. This will help you identify it at a later date.

  • for apparel items, make sure to list as many relevant details as necessary e.g. (V-neck, crew neck, etc), color, gender and size.

  • Add the quantity (if it’s chocolate, plenty of them please!)

  • In case of items like boxes, tissue paper, envelopes, bubble wrap, please tick ‘Packaging’. If they are items like flyers, brochures, paper items and NOT items like branded mugs or pens, tick the option ‘Marketing Collateral’ then. If neither of these or you're unsure then leave the box unticked and it can be modified at a later date.

  • Enter the estimated delivery date (If your expected delivery date changes in the future, please make sure to update in advance)

  • Hit ‘Submit Ship Notice’ to generate the SN number and address for the warehouse. Please ensure your shipping label has the correct address and that it includes Attn: Reachdesk and Ship Notice Number as shown below.

Important! Even if you've ordered the item before, the Ship Notice will always have a different SN generated. It is very important that you put the new SN in the first line of the postage address. This is so our warehouse will be able to match the shipment to your customer account and know which items to expect in the delivery. If certain mistakes in the shipment process occur, this might result in a 3-week delay in your shipment being received.

For all inbound shipments, you'll still need to generate a ship notice number and include a filled out version of the packing slip in each shipment.

You will also receive a notification via email to remind you of the next steps and importance of the Ship Notice Number.

Once your items have arrived at the warehouse it takes up to 5 working days for them to appear in your inventory.

Some additional important notes before sending us any inventory:

  • If you are importing inventory from another country, you (or your vendor) are responsible for paying any related duties and filing any import paperwork. Your inventory will get stuck without this! Unfortunately, Reachdesk cannot accept any inventory without duties paid.

  • Any boxes arriving that weigh more than 20kg must be clearly labeled as “heavy weight” - we’re looking out for the health and safety of our warehouse staff.

  • Products that expire must include the expiration date on the master carton and on the individual units

    • Expiration dates must be displayed in the format MM-YYYY

  • For larger, palletized shipments:

    • Please contact your Reachdesk Customer Success Manager for inbounds larger than 2 pallets or 20 boxes

      • For inbound shipments larger than 5 pallets, Reachdesk customer service will provide the proper warehouse receiving department’s contact information. Your carrier must set up a delivery appointment prior to delivering your inventory.

Where can I ship to?... (Mars warehouse coming soon…) and how much does it cost?

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