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We can trigger a Reachdesk send based on a criteria that sits within the lead, contact opportunity or campaign objects. Reachdesk can read from any field within those objects, to trigger a send.

For campaigns: we will send a gift to anyone who meets that campaign criteria, i.e. person is a member of campaign and their status is 'responded'.

For opportunities: we will send a gift only to the primary contact on that opportunity.

For leads and contacts: we will send a gift to anyone who matches the criteria you dictate.

Setting up a triggered campaign

Once you've completed building your campaign, pick the Salesforce connector, and the campaign you want to sync with, under CRM sync. When is sent a Reachdesk gift, they will be added to this Salesforce campaign, and move through the statuses as they interact with that gift (i.e. opened, clicked, claimed for e-gift cards).

Next we'll pick the criteria in Salesforce which will see someone be sent a Reachdesk gift. In this example, let's say we want to send a group of event attendees some 'thank you cupcakes'.

Pick the connector/person you want to send the gift from. This will also be where the budget is deducted from for this campaign.

When you have finished selecting your criteria, we'll show a green panel with the number of people who match that criteria:

Toggle on 'Send engage to anyone that already match the criteria above' if you'd like to send to people retrospectively, i.e. to people who already match the criteria. Once turned on, this will also send to people who match the criteria moving forward

Toggle on 'Automatically approve all triggered sends' if you'd like these sends to go with no manual involvement. If you'd like to review people who match this criteria ahead of sending, keep this turned off. If you turn this off, whenever someone meets the criteria, you'll get an email telling you there is a pending engage. You can then click the link in the email to approve or reject that send. Once approved, the gift will be sent to the person who matches the criteria.

Save your campaign when you are happy for your Reachdesk gift to be sent.

Note: we can't currently mix objects, i.e campaign field is X and contact field is Y for example. We can only trigger off of one object at a time.

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