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How can I add funds to my company balance and user balances?

  1. Go to: Organizations > Balances

  2. Click on Add Credit on the top right of the page

  3. In the Account & Amount section, select either Company Balance or User Balance and populate the amount of money and currency account you want to top-up.

Example of adding 100 CAD to your company balance

Example of adding 100 CAD to one of your user's balance

4. In the Billing Entity section, select which Billing Entity you want the invoice to be addressed. In some cases, there is only one so this should be pre-selected. If there is no billing entity, or you cannot find the right billing entity, please contact so we can add this billing entity to our invoicing system.

5. (Optional) Fill out any additional emails that should receive the invoice. Please make sure you include the email of the department or individual who will be paying the invoice.

6. (Optional) Fill out the PO Number if you want this to be referenced in the invoice.

7. Select whether you want to pay the invoice via credit card or bank transfer.

8. Click Send Invoice

9. You and the additional emails you added will get an email with a copy of the invoice.

10. Once the invoice is paid, you (and the user you are topping up) will get a confirmation email once the funds are available to be used in your Reachdesk account.

Are there limits on how much we can add to our account?

There are no limits for bank transfers. However, we have max limits on amounts that can be paid via credit card. If they are over this amount, please pay via bank transfer.

Maximum amount you can pay via credit card:

  • GBP 20,000.00

  • EUR 20,000.00

  • USD 20,000.00

  • CAD 25,000.00

  • AUD 25,000.00

  • SEK 150,000.00

  • NOK 150,000.00

  • DKK 120,000.00

  • INR 1,000,000.00

What if I can't access this page?

Only admins have access to the "Add Credit" button so please ensure you have the right role and permissions. If you cannot see the page, please contact

What if I don't want to pay via invoice or want to top-up using a different method?

Please contact if you have more specific requirements for topping up your account.

We do have plans in the future to enable admins to top-up their balances directly via a credit card (without an invoice), but this is still being prioritised. We will keep you posted on when this feature is being worked on. Please contact your CSM for further questions and updates.

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