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If you'd like to send multiple gifts to recipients directly from your HubSpot sequence or marketing emails, we've got you! Our dynamic link feature allows you to do just that.

Important Notes

Currently this feature is only unlocked for admins. Admins can generate a link on behalf of other users/senders (using the sender's connector), but access to this feature is locked to admins (within triggered campaigns).

This feature does not work for recipient emails which have a '+' in them. It's a HubSpot issue, you can upvote for fixing here.

How does it work?

Within the campaign automation section of a triggered campaign, admins will now see the option to 'generate a link for multiple use' once you have picked your chosen connector i.e. HubSpot User.

Save the campaign and your link will be generated:

The link will be saved within the campaign moving forward, too:

You can now use that link within your HubSpot emails to send gift links (e-gift cards and physical) to multiple people at once. This will alleviate the need to pull down the plugin and send manually each time in your sequences:

And you can also use these links in your HubSpot marketing emails:

What do I need to know?

Where do the links lead recipients?

  1. For e-gift cards: the link will lead a recipient to the page to pick their gift card of choice (a dictated by your campaign).

  2. For physical gifts: the link will lead a recipient to the address confirmation page.

Who can use it?

Currently this feature is only unlocked for admins. Admins can generate a link to be used by other users/senders. Admins can also select the relevant user's connector to ensure budget is deducted from their balance for sends executed in this way.

What happens with gift send status updates?

We can only see/update statuses after someone has clicked a gift link in your emails.

Tracked statuses will remain as:

  • sent (not tracked, but tracked in your HubSpot email reports)

  • opened (not tracked, but tracked in your HubSpot email reports)

  • clicked

  • claimed

for e-gift cards

  • clicked

  • address confirmed

  • processed

  • shipped

  • delivered

  • cancelled

  • returned

for physical gifts

Sending and redemption requirements

  • You must send out of a pre made HubSpot templated email (ie via sequences and marketing emails). This feature does not work when sending a 'free text' email like this:

    You should use the individual link generator (for one offs) when sending in this way.

  • Recipients must have a first name, last name, email and country populated in your integration to enable them to redeem a physical gift.

  • Recipients must have a first name, last name and email populated in your integration to enable them to redeem an e-gift.

  • The recipient must exist in HubSpot to be able to redeem your gift, otherwise they will be met with an error like the below:

  • Links can currently only be used once per recipient, per campaign. If a recipient tries to claim more than once, they won't be able to, and will be met with an error like this:

Budget/Spending guidelines

  • Budget will be taken from the connector chosen under Campaign Automation. If your budget runs out and a recipient tries to redeem, they will move to your 'pending' sends and you will need to head into Reachdesk, top up your budget, then approve the send for the gift to then be sent. The message the recipient will see, will look like the below. Please make sure where possible, that the connector you have chosen has the budget needed to facilitate the anticipated number of sends you intend on executing with this link.

  • For e-gift cards, as soon as someone clicks on the gift link within your email, balance will move into unclaimed balance, and be taken fully if they redeem.

  • For physical gifts using address confirmation, budget will be deducted when the recipient clicks the link in the email to confirm it's them who filled out the address confirmation.

  • In both instances, budget will be returned if a gift card is not redeemed and for physical, if a recipient does not confirm they were the redeemer.

What does the redemption flow look like for e-gift cards?

What does the redemption flow look like for physical sends? (Using address confirmation only)

What are the benefits of using this feature?

  • You can generate one link for multiple use. No more generating links one by one every time you want to send the same gift, to multiple people! Simply copy the link once and use time and time again.

  • You can automate sending. Here are a few scenarios:

    • Add the gift link into automated emails within your Outreach sequences and SalesLoft cadences. Pop the link in, and let them run.

    • Add the gift link seamlessly into your Marketo, Eloqua, HubSpot and Microsoft Dynamics emails to send gifts to multiple contacts at once, whether that be to event attendees, groups of customers or target prospects. Using your own email templates means you can keep consistent with your branding and control preferences within your tools.

    • Add a link into your automated email outreach to request/book meetings, follow up and nurture relationships.

  • It's secure! When a recipient tries to redeem, we will cross check to see if they exist within your chosen CRM/Enablement/Marketing Automation tool, and only let them redeem if they do.

  • It can be used for e-gift cards and physical gifts (using the address confirmation feature)!

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